Traffic Cases

Why Should I Defend a Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Violation?

  • Insurance companies routinely monitor your traffic record to adjust premiums and/or cancel policies.
  • Tickets from other states are transferred to your home state and affect the number of points on your record in your state.
  • Even a careful driver can get more than one ticket in a short period of time.  Any driving conviction might become the basis for a future license suspension or revocation.

What Affects the Outcome?

  • The seriousness of the offence charged.
  • The jurisdiction where the case is to be tried.
  • The judge hearing the case.
  • The officer who wrote the ticket.
  • Your driving record.

What Does the Attorney Do?

  • Assess and inform you of the likely outcome given the factors mentioned above.
  • Consult with the prosecutor and officer ahead of time regarding your charges.
  • Appear in Court and try the case.

What Fees are Normally Charged by the Attorney?

  • Fees are determined by the seriousness of the offense.
* Additional fees may be charged for additional charges or out of area representation or multiple appearances.
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